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Invest and Improve

Engine Real Estate is based in Downtown Los Angeles which is currently one of the hottest real estate submarkets in the country. Engine's primary focus is northeast Los Angeles, which includes burgeoning areas such as Silver Lake, Echo Park, and Highland Park. It's also active in more established areas, including Culver City, Inglewood, Hollywood, and Venice.

Engine’s philosophy is to apply an institutional style and fully-integrated approach to real estate investing. The firm benefits from having a centralized decision making process which allows it to pro-actively monitor the financial performance of its assets. This also enables it to efficiently execute on its business plan for each property, especially with regard to key issues which impact a property’s bottom line, such as rental rates, vacancies, leasing, and property renovation/ rehabilitation. 

Market insight, in-house expertise, and experience positions Engine to mobilize quickly versus its competitors, especially since the target investment is smaller in size- generally requiring less than $10 million of equity. 

David Walker

President; Finance/ Operations/ Investor Relations

Brian McCormick

Acquisitions, Asset Management, & Investor Relations