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In-House Advantage

Engine Real Estate’s specialized combination of services delivers an edge in the real estate investment market. With integrated teams that share information and expertise, Engine has the ability to identify and execute on opportunities that others miss and has the flexibility to react swiftly, keeping projects on track.

Engine Real Estate Services, Inc.

Engine Real Estate Services, Inc. is Engine’s in-house property management, leasing, and operations arm.

Financial Professionals & Analysts

Experts in financial analysis, due diligence, and financial structuring practice evidence-based underwriting and structure investments to successfully balance debt and equity.

Property Management

Property managers are focused on the operation of Engine’s properties, executing its business plans, managing costs, and maintaining high market value through proactive leasing solutions.

Leasing & Sales

In-the-know brokers respond to the market in real time, providing current information on the market and early access to off-market opportunities. Engine’s leasing team achieves maximum benefit through expert negotiation, thereby ensuring higher occupancy.

Select Banking Relationships
  • Freddie Mac
  • ReadyCap
  • Bank of California
  • City National Bank
  • Resource Real Estate
  • Opus Bank
  • Natixis
  • JP Morgan Chase
Select Tenant Client list
  • Juice Served Here
  • RetroSuperFuture
  • Alfred's Coffee
  • Fitwall
  • Buck Mason
  • Zuma
  • Trois Familia
  • Coya
  • Roka
  • Matte Black
  • Rori's Artisanal Creamery
  • Homestate
  • VT Pro Design
  • Olive and Thyme
  • Josef Centeno
  • Ice Cream Lab

Engine Construction Company, Inc.

Engine Construction Company, Inc., Engine’s affiliated construction firm, features an array of in-house services which enable it to seamlessly navigate challenges that might stall other projects.

Architectural Skills

Identify and transform properties with aesthetic potential into new spaces that attract the most desirable business and tenants.

Planning and Permitting

Expertise in the full entitlement process allows Engine to leverage strong working relationships with state and municipal agencies to efficiently handle any legal necessities.


Through oversight of every project, Engine Construction Company, Inc. realizes Engine’s vision and exceeds industry standards.

Property Improvements

Consistent and timely upkeep of activated properties ensures satisfied tenants and continued high occupancy.

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